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Some of the biggest celebrities and sports personalities in the world share our passion for providing nutrition to underserved communities. Through their commitment and leadership, they help fans to understand the long-term dangers of empty calories being the only source of nourishment for people with food insecurity. Through social media, interviews, and other platforms, our heroes champion the message of repurposing nutritious food into our communities, and can help change the face of hunger.


The Heroes




We’re finding ways to elevate the quality of nutrition by saving fruits and vegetables and putting them into the hands – and on the plates – of these under-served communities. 

It’s by design that WakWay Foundation is based in Arizona, the busiest port in America, with 6 billion tons of fresh produce crossing through annually. We are committed to making a difference in our own backyard. We partner with produce houses and other foundations who are making a difference by rescuing thousands of pounds of produce and re-directing them into communities, food banks, and other food desert areas.

More than 250,000 children participate in Major League Baseball’s RBI program, targeted to underserved children in inner cities. We take the fruits and vegetables to MLB Youth fields, and work with coaches to educate kids on the importance of nutrition to keep your body performing at its best. We partner with both the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and the United Way to provide on-site support and community communication.


G Texas Food and Beverage has partnered with The WakWay Foundation to repurpose thousands of pounds of food into the local Dallas/Fort Worth inner cities and shelters. Together, we will be able to provide children and families with amazing, nutritious dinner options. 



WakWay is currently working to create a WakWay Farms Foundation label of healthy products, utilizing innovative food repurposing concepts. Because without a sustainable plan, we risk losing the new ground covered each day. Current products include a repurposed fruits and vegetables new and innovative products line of flour, cricket powder, new high nutrient mix powders, and whey ice-cream from the repurposed waste of pasteurized milk.



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