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Creating Opportunities

We can't predict the future, but we can make it.  Underserved communities mean a lack of opportunities.  We believe we can level the playing field and change children's lives with education and mentoring partnerships.  Job pathways that focus on the job opportunities facing this generation, STEM.  Our focus has a rural and inner-city program with mentoring partners centered around science, technology, and engineering.  Jobs that children can go straight from high school to the job market.  

 They just need a chance.


Small townus

"Precision Agriculture" is having the ability to farm in real-time.  
The Farm-i-tude curriculum encompasses the latest in STEM, including avionics, weather, air dynamics, weights and balances, central gravity, moments, mapping software, and calculations supporting those study areas.  We then work with our students to create new job pathways to carry their knowledge into SUSTAINABLE technology, including information gathered, carbon-neutral farming, water management, and cost reduction in pesticides.  Previously these real-time farming technologies were only available to larger farming practices.  We now brought it to all rural ACTE classrooms.

Precision AG


The Load In was an industry incubator idea inspired by the need to create a pathway for students to enter the entertainment world. STEM knowledge from engineers, IT technology specialists, sound and light technicians, video programmers, and recording technicians is needed to support the music industry. The Load In is a hands-on partnership with schools, venues, and bands in major markets, to be mentored and have real-life opportunities in understanding the industry and networks into the industry.

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