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Shop our Store for a full selection of products. Purchasing even a single jar jam from our selection of celebrities supporting our kids, gives them a chance

Support Our Programs

Some of Our Funding Programs

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Jam Of the Month with $25 Monthly Donation

You can support our Mission by purchasing any products from our store. We have celebrities who have created jams to support our rural efforts, as well as t-shirts and hats for Farm-i-tude and The Load In. We have even added dog treats (who doesn't like to help with our dogs in need)!

Creating Industry Internships

Support an intern student whose experience gives them a career pathway. There is nothing more effective in getting a job than the opportunity to show off talents and desire to work hard. Our internships give students that opportunity.

Creating  Industry Leaders


Students Getting Hands-On Opportunities

Sponsor a student to introduce the STEM curriculum in a unique, fun gamification way, with real-life job pathways. We put technology in their hands and not just lessons in the classroom. Theory is only theory if they don't see how it can play a role in their job pathway.

There are multiple ways to support our educational goals.


Financially, it's as simple as purchasing from our store or contributing at any level.

As a business owner that needs amazing kids doing amazing things in agriculture, technology or engineering, and production, we would love to hear from you!

Not every student is going to college, but creating successful career pathways in the world today can sometimes be a complicated pathway. Our Mission is to help students consider options that perhaps were not on their radar and give them the skills and opportunity to change their lives.

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