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The Mission


We Believe...

Education, mentorship, and opportunity can create greatness.  Our Mission is to empower the next generation with meaningful career pathways.


When we started this Foundation, I had just won the World Series. It was my goal to teach these gifted players to give back to their community. We did that through the Foundation. We raised $100's of thousands of dollars for animal shelters, gave coats and back-to-school backpacks to inner-city children, raised money for Autism, and we gave 1,000,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to needy families. But all this was just a temporary fix to a greater problem.


Our Mission then became, "how do we change these children's lives?" Most of these children do not have the means to go to college, so how do we provide real-world education opportunities that can help them get great jobs in this generation?



Engaging education and mentorships. If we were really going to change their lives, we needed to focus on jobs based on the STEM curriculum and sensitive to what applies to those students. We are currently focused on Precision Agriculture for rural students and technical engineering/theater for inner-city students.


Our view of science, technology, engineering, and math prepares students for more than prepares them for real-life opportunities.

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Board Members


Don Wakamatsu



Michelle Truman



Jeff Hill



Lisa Owens

Sony Records


Doug Wright

Director of Engineering - Tribevest


Dr. Ed Franklin

UofA Associate Professor

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Richard McPherson

Agricultural Science


James Voyl

Legal Councel

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