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The WakWay Foundation

is a conduit for change through social entrepreneurship and giving

Our Signature Line with a heart 

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We are giving the meaning of Farm-2-Table the heart of community.

To kick-off our Farm-2-Table line of products, we have created a "Signature Jam" with some of our TX Rangers friends where the proceeds help Seniors.  This line will continue to grow but will be limited to keep it fun as to who we are working with next.
We are also working to create a community kitchen where we teach local ag kids how to prepare, can, cook, and retail products, with the proceeds going back into scholarships. 

We brought Percision Agriculture to a Covid-19 solution.  See how.



The Farm-i-tude initiative is committed to helping small farms gain access to Precision Agriculture​.

By 2025 Precision Agriculture will be an estimated $43.4billion industry.  

But what is Precision Agriculture?
It's the practice of making farming a more accurate and when it comes to the growing of crops and raising livestock.
Use information technology such as GPS guidance, sensors, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, GPS-based soil sampling, automated hardware, telematics, and software.

It Doesn't Add Up!

The WakWay Foundation believes we can impact hunger by creating, innovating, and partnering with the private sector, government, and academic institutions to develop nutritious, innovative food solutions.

Hunger isn't a "lack of" problem. It's an innovation problem. A logistics challenge. What makes The WakWay Foundation different from other hunger foundation initiatives is our commitment to repurposing with an enriched nutrition focus. It means more than just capturing food at restaurants and stadiums for redistribution to food kitchens and pantries. It's a new look at farming practices, new food products in protein-based options including plant-based and entomology, and opportunities to create second-level products that can extend the life of a fruit or vegetable, and getting them into the hands of those in need.

Jeff Hill

Why We Should Be Urban Farming