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The WakWay Foundation

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Each Year The Waste...

More than 72 billion pounds of perfectly good food goes to waste

$218 billion worth of food is thrown away

21 percent of our landfills are filled with food waste

20 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are discarded on farms or left in fields and plowed under

And Yet The Hunger...

11 million children in the United States suffer from food insecurity


10.2 million older Americans face the threat of hunger and malnutrition

Around the world, hunger affects 1 in 9 children

It Doesn't Add Up!

The WakWay Foundation believes we can impact hunger by creating, innovating, and partnering with the private sector, government, and academic institutions to develop nutritious, innovative food solutions.

Hunger isn't a "lack of" problem. It's an innovation problem. A logistics challenge. What makes The WakWay Foundation different from other hunger foundation initiatives is our commitment to repurposing with an enriched nutrition focus. It means more than just capturing food at restaurants and stadiums for redistribution to food kitchens and pantries. It's a new look at farming practices, new food products in protein-based options including plant-based and entomology, and opportunities to create second-level products that can extend the life of a fruit or vegetable, and getting them into the hands of those in need.

Jeff Hill

Why We Should Be Urban Farming

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